New Resident Information

Welcome to Dunkerton!

We hope the information below answers any questions that you may have about the services offered to city residents.  

Garbage Pickup – Garbage is picked up on Monday’s and is done by the Thomas James Co.  If Monday should fall on a holiday, pickup is scheduled for the Saturday BEFORE the holiday. Thomas James will provide one red garbage container.  If you should have additional bags to be picked up, a garbage tag will be required. These tags are available for $1/each and may be purchased at City Hall.  Items not allowed for pickup include: paint, oil, batteries, yard waste, appliances, tires, rocks, shingles and wallboard.  Recycling bins are located north of the alley behind 107 W. Main Street.  We ask that you recycle only those items listed at the site.  The city sponsors a city-wide cleanup day in June of each year. 

Water/Sewer/Garbage - A $100.00 deposit is required when establishing an account.  For homeowners, the deposit is returned after one year of timely payments.  For tenants, the deposit is returned after a final read is performed and the final bill has been deducted.  Any remaining amount will be sent to the tenants forwarding address.  Utility payments are due by the 15th of each month.  A late fee of $10.00 is added after the 15th.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payments are due by close of business on the following business day.  For your convenience, you may pay online at or toll free at 888.604.7888.  There is also a “drop box” at City Hall or you may mail your payment to Dunkerton City Hall, PO Box 100, Dunkerton, IA 50626.  We also offer automatic withdrawal if you would like your utility bill automatically deducted each month.  

Snow Removal - All vehicles should be removed from the street until the snowplow clears the roadway and sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hrs of a snowfall. 

Pets - For the safety of everyone, animals should be kept on a leash, confined or chained at all times.  

Permits - Building Permit Applications- 

                      All building permits (except Electrical Permits) can be obtained from the Dunkerton City Hall. 

                      Building inspector is Steve Santomauro- 319.493.0428.

                      You may return permit application to

                Electrical Permit Application-

                      Electrical permit applications can be completed online at

                      Program accepts payment by credit card, debit card or electronic check (ACH).

                      This format is available 24 hours a day and the payment and submission are instantaneous.

                                     Electrical inspector is Chuck Carpenter - 319.415.4952  

Siren -The outdoor warning siren is tested on the first Wednesday of the month unless there is inclement weather, or the temperature is below 32 degrees.

Thank you for selecting Dunkerton as your home.  Feel free to contact one of the council members, city hall or myself if you should have any questions. You may reach us at 822.4247.  Again, welcome to Dunkerton!


Michael J. Schares, Mayor